The system is powered by people. This is one vital characteristics of an excellent network marketing system. A prospective member joins the network by paying a membership fee of N10,000. This amount is regarded as one full final payment. There are neither monthly charges nor service charges. Hence, he has become a Member upon membership approval. That is Stage 1 of the growth process. What will he/she do to move to Stage 2?

Let us use Joy as a case study.  Joy introduces it to Mercy and Ahmed.

Mercy in turn introduces it to Kayode and Chike while Ahmed introduces it to Lillian and Zainab

Kayode, Chike, Lilian and Zainab introduces the system further to John & James, Sanni & Obi, Kemi & Chioma and Onyi & Kalu respectively.  This makes a total of 14 persons across the board for Joy as shown above:

In this instance, Joy, Mercy, Ahmed, Kayode, Chike, Lilian and Zainab have made N4,000 each for referring two persons each. But Joy has a total of 14 persons in her team. Joy will earn additional N2,000 as Board Completion Bonus and N14,000 as Pairing Bonus. That gives a total of N20,000 for Joy. Compare it to this second approach:

The second approach by Joy is to refer the 14 persons directly.  Let us assume she refers Mercy, Ahmed, Kayode, Chike, Lillian, Zainab, John, James, Sanni, Obi, Kemi, Chioma, Onyi & Kalu directly.  In this instance, Joy will earn the Referral Bonus of N2,000 on each of the 14 persons.  That is a total of N28,000.  She will earn additional N2,000 as Stage Completion Bonus and N14,000 as Pairing Bonus. That gives a total of N44,000.

In all of these instances, Mercy and Ahmed will earn N4000 each as Pairing Bonus while Kayode, Chike, Lilian and Zainab will earn N2,000 each as Pairing Bonus.

Joy is in Stage 2 now.  She needs to grow the stage to completion.  In the same way she had 14 persons under her in Stage 1, will those persons – Mercy, Ahmed, Kayode, Chike, Lillian and Zainab etc have 14 under them to move to Stage 2 with her.  Take Mercy, for example, as at the time of Joy’s move up to Stage 2, she had Kayode, Chike, James, John, Sanni & Obi as down line members.  That means Mercy needs additional 8 members across the board for her 14 to be complete.  Eventually, these 8 persons may come in the form of Yemisi, Yakubu, Hassan, Okafor, Simpa, Naomi, Moyo and Juliet.  The manner these 8 persons came could have been by direct referral, spill-over or spill-under.  This will continually be so for every down line member of Joy or any other member of the team to always have additional 8 members each to be able to move up to Stage 2 as well. There is no particular format for moving these down lines up.  Any of them could move first until the first 30 persons filled the entire matrix in Stage 2.  These 30 persons must have passed through Stage 1 and must have 14 other persons under by any of the three approaches earlier described.  In other words, Stage 1 is the Feeder Stage.

The network can grow as well through two methods:


In a 2 by 2 Forced Matrix, a maximum of two placements is all that is required directly below you.  Any subsequent referrals made by you or those above you are forced down to your second level and beyond causing a spill over.


When people under you also do referrals, they help you to fill your 2 by 2 matrix fast. 


The PSP matrix system is built in such a way that no member can have more than two persons directly attached to him/her.  Any subsequent referrals made by such members are forced down to the legs of the other down line members.  Any of such forced down members will continually follow the member to whom it is attached.  By this, members grow easily within the system.


This is a very unique feature that PSP adopts to make the growth process of each and every existing member very swift and effortless. This is besides the special advantages that Spill Over, Spill Under and Forced Down Matrix confer on every existing member.